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Welcome, one and all, to the official homepage of the For Keeps series of novels.  I am sad to announce that the first two books are currently (hopefully temporarily) out of print due to last autumn’s closure of Drollerie Press, but I am happy to announce that I have posted an excerpt for Anna Marie Anomaly, the third book in the series.  I do hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy the site.  Please note that for anyone who has not read the first two novels in the series, Anna Marie Anomaly’s excerpt is pretty much 100% spoiler.  Read at your own spoiling risk!  Of course, if you read and enjoyed the first two books, you are guaranteed to enjoy what I’ve posted of the third, even though the KKSS’ esteemed president does not make an appearance in the excerpt (Fear not, fans of Tim Jamison!  He is as much a main character as Kinlea in this one, and he cuts a dashing figure as a WWI Royal Flying Corps pilot).  To complete the unveiling of the new excerpt, here is a grand-opening link:

Anna Marie Anomaly Excerpt

Also, for the Americans in our reading audience, happy Independence Day- E.G.D.

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Well, it’s already well into January of 2011, but I thought I should wander through to share with the wonderful world and the KKSS that Anna Marie Anomaly is my new year’s resolution.  It is the darkest and most complex keeper story yet (it rather scares me!), and it is steeped in the horror that was WWI, and I plan to get it out of my head and onto my hard-drive within the year.  So ha.  Tim is pleased ^_^.  What do the honourable members of the society think?  Should I post bits on the site?  Let me know!  Oh, and a bit belated, but happy new year, all! -EGD

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