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Sooooooooo, to simplify things (so that you don’t have to click into other pages to find links to the books), I am providing picture links here at the top of the front page!  I am also including Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic, because the front-piece poem in that anthology takes place in the For Keeps universe.  Tada!  Thanks always- E.G.D.




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Greetings, all!  Today, I have some very good news.  Kinlea Keeper is back in print, and the paperback is available in a number of different places (including Amazon).  The author sales page is here.  I can say this, ladies and gentlemen… I have seen the book, and it is beautiful.  Many thanks, always, and I do hope you’ll give it a read!  -E.G.D.

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With the print release of Magicking in Traffic/Trafficking in Magic fast approaching, it is looking like both Kinlea Keeper and Curse will be back in print right on time so that people who like the one can go searching for the others and actually find them.  I really can not say enough good things about the new illustrations for the two old books, and I expect they will be enjoyed by new and old readers of these tales.  For the sake of good fun, here is a sneak preview of the new cover for Kinlea Keeper:


Tada!  The whole paperback glory of it is forthcoming- E.G.D.


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Well, hello there, world!  How would you all like to see Kinlea and Curse back in print?  I know it would most certainly brighten my day.  The new editions are looking seriously amazing, with all new illustrations by Peter McCullough, and both books are being formatted for trade paperback and e-book.  Things are looking up!  I expect more information is forthcoming, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.  -E.G.D.

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Well, it would appear we’ve only had a total of one entry, and I don’t think it was intended as an entry.  Still, without further ado, the winner of the copy of Curse is Isabelle of http://hollowtreetales.wordpress.com/!  If you have a chance, I highly recommend you check out her website, which features book and movie reviews, as well as fun little essays about creatures/ideas from folk/myth lore and legend.  Also, there’s a review of Kinlea Keeper over there ^_^.  Best regards, as always- EGD

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